Our goal is to make the business of participating countries not experienced frustration, and trade and the production of our customers developed and prospered. Our importer or exporter services make business with these countries available to all companies, regardless from their level of development and forms of ownership.
Our services
Transportation of oversized heavy cargo (CTG);
Organization of railway transportation;
Transportation by sea and river transport;
Warehousing and terminal services in ports;
Rigging works;
Preservation of equipment using high-tech materials;
Construction and preparation of work sites (RO-RO berths, substations);
Packaging of complex electronic and high-precision equipment with protection against static stress and corrosion in the barrier-vacuum film.
Equipment forwarding
We organize transportation and forwarding of equipment by road, rail, air, and sea transport.
Rigging works
We provide special rigging equipment and a team of professional riggers.

Installation and repackaging
Preparation of installation sites, installation of equipment on the site of its installation by highly qualified personnel.
Dismantling and preservation
We carry out the dismantling of equipment, pre-treatment, cleaning and preservation of vacuum film or shrink.
Railway transportation
Railway transport takes the first place in the ranking of the safest and cheapest modes of transport.
Development of schemes of fastening, matching schemes, shipping and mounting on the rail road. Development and fastening of cargo in the ship.
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